CounterPoint Behavioral Health and Memory Care Services

Recognized as a national leader in cognitive and behavioral health programs, Dr. William Mansbach has developed a unique clinical model in which CounterPoint Health Services brings together the region’s most experienced and respected behavioral health experts. Through targeted assessment, interventions, and services, CounterPoint Health Services is the industry's choice provider of comprehensive behavioral and memory care services in the Mid-Atlantic.

Our Clinical Model integrates traditional behavioral health with the cutting-edge cognitive assessment and intervention system known internationally in geriatric care.  This system is based on the Brief Cognitive Assessment Tool (BCAT) and the comprehensive BCAT Approach.  

The BCAT Approach is a unique applied concept for assessing and working with people who have memory and other cognitive impairments. It is designed for any clinical and residential setting in which cognitive functioning and cognitive impairment is a central issue. The BCAT Approach integrates three distinct systems: The BCAT Test System, the BCAT Brain Rehabilitation Program, and the BCAT Working Memory Exercise Book.  All three are person-centered programs that are used by healthcare professionals, facilities, and other stakeholders. The Test System rapidly, yet comprehensively, assesses current cognitive functioning. Test scores can be used to determine specific Brain Rehabilitation interventions and Recreation approaches.

Doctor and Patient - Brain Rehabilitation

Behavioral Health and Memory Care Services

  • Comprehensive cognitive and mood evaluations
  • Individual supportive therapy
  • Support in the discharge planning process
  • Family consultation and therapy
  • Development of behavioral management plans
  • Initial & follow-up psychiatric evaluations
  • Psychotropic medication management
  • Gradual dose reductions
  • Pharmacy interfacing
  • Medical staff meeting attendance
Other Services

Other Services

  • 24-hour on-call support
  • Routine OBRA compliance reviews 
  • In-service trainings for staff
  • Access to the latest research in memory and mood developments
  • Availability of patient and family education materials
  • Lectures & seminars

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